International Operative Patent Law Office in Hamburg

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Our firm of patent attorneys operates internationally, advising all sizes of company, inventors and the self-employed on industrial property protection and property rights issues. We help you to acquire property rights and to enforce them erga omnes in case of violation.
As well as evaluating the quality and quantity of innovations, our service also includes training courses and lectures on all matters relating to intellectual property.

In our firm, you will find partners who combine considerable patent law expertise with a wide range of industrial experience. They are not only patent attorneys with extensive legal knowledge, but they also have broad, practically relevant experience in all fields of intellectual property rights, technology and engineering.
The patent attorneys are genuine practitioners who act as a team – together with the client.

Their common knowledge, skills and extensive experience are excellently fused to achieve top-level results for the clients.

You will experience both the synergy effects and the diversity during consultation with us and in the subsequent presentation of our solution proposals.

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SME patent promotion "Signo" has been extended until 31.12.2014
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EU Patent clears next hurdle, from 09.12.2013
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Law Package against consumer rip-off in force, 10.09.2013
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The ECJ dismissed the lawsuits of Spain for unitary patent protection in the EU
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Formation of the Committee for the implementation of the Single Patent Court
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10th meeting of the Preparatory Committee - 10 July 2015
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